Online Learning System | UK Pricing for Organisations

LearnPac’s Online Learning System is the leading UK elearning platform  – our cutting edge and innovative e-learning system is suitable for all sectors and organisation sizes: big and small. 

Online Learning System | UK Pricing for Organisations


Are you a company that likes to be one step ahead? Looking for an online learning system that’s tailored to your needs?

Then LearnPac Systems is the perfect solution !

Here at LearnPac Systems, we develop online learning systems that cater for all sectors and businesses of all sizes. Regardless of how big or small your organisation is – LearnPac Systems will provide a perfect solution for you! Our Technical Development Team are constantly looking for new ways to improve and advance our online learning platform, adding new features and functions to ensure your business is one step ahead!
We provide organisations with cutting edge and innovative online learning systems that are tailored to the needs of a modern organisation. Are you looking for a cost and time effective elearning solution? Then why not take a look at our multi-tenant online learning solution. 
Here at LearnPac, we are flexible, so it’s best to get in touch and we can have a chat about a more accurate price based on your business requirements.

Online Learning System | Course Pricing  for Organisations


10-19 courses 10% discount 
20-49 courses 15% discount
50-99 courses 20% discount
100-200 courses 25% discount
201-500 courses 35% discount
500+ Get in touch 

Online Learning System | User Pricing for Organisations

Online Learning System | UK Pricing for Organisations

Less than 100 users £950 p/a
Up to 250 users £4500 p/a
Up to 500 users £6750 p/a
Up to 1,000 users £8,550 p/a
Up to 5,000 users £17,550 p/a
Up to 10,000 users £26,550 p/a
Up to 25,000 users £35,550 p/a
More than 25,000 users Get in touch

Our pricing above is just a guide – so remember if you want the best price or more details about our learning platform, get in touch and have a chat with our team to see how best we can help you stay one step ahead with elearning.

The pricing structure for our online learning system depends on the number of users you would like to train, some of our customers are paying as little as £0.10 per course!

Get in touch: or 0845 862 9555

Would you prefer a ‘pay as you go’ solution? Get in touch with our Support Team and see how we can help you!Online Learning System | UK Pricing for Organisations

Benefits of using LearnPac Elearning Systems for your business

LearnPac Systems® have over 10 years of experience supporting a wide range of small to medium size (SME) and large organisations across all sectors to develop, implement and evaluate online learning systems.

We believe in developing simple solutions to challenging problems, that is, meaningful online learning for anyone who has access to an electronic device; be it a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or even a basic smartphone device! 

With LearnPac you can learn anytime, anyplace, anywhere on a device of your choice!

Our developers have many years of experience developing online learning systems and relevant content across a number of sectors. We will work with your organisation to structure and appropriate e learning package towards your workforce development strategies. We will guarantee to boost your candidates’ motivation and confidence, personal and professional development and organisational productivity and profitability.

  A dedicated technical & development team  Flexible online learning system & blended learning 
Responsive support from learning industry experts Competitive and cost effective pricing models 
 TIN CAN API and cloud based elearning system  Access online courses from any device of your choice
 New features and functions are constantly added   Tailored and personalised training experience


LearnPac Systems multi-tenant solution – is it for you?

LearnPac’s multi-tenant LMS solution means you can get up and running with the click of a button!

Our multi-tenant learning management system is perfect for your organisation if you:

 Are looking for immediate set up   Are looking for a time effective solution 
Want a cost effective solution  Want a flexible commitment period
 Have short duration elearning projects   Require an auditable online training platform
 Want a system that has advanced features/functions  Want a more tailored e learning system in the future 


LearnPac’s multi-tenant, white label e-learning solution…

LearnPac’s multi-tenant LMS can offer your business a cost effective and quick turnaround solution. This option means you don’t have to wait for a completely customised and branded LMS to be built for you, instead we can simply use an existing skin to help you load your training and elearning content to get you up and running as soon as possible. 

Our white label solution means that you have your own branded online learning portal that your learners can easily access from your website. Without incurring the additional online learning management system development and related maintenance costs. 

Set up your own branded online learning portal – Get started today!

The ‘best of both worlds’ 

Once on our multi-tenant plan, we can then (if you wish) help you to custom your online system a little more to suit your organisational needs  – this way you get the best out of your online learning management system. 

So if you’re looking for a quick, customisable elearning solution for your organisation – get in touch with our Support Team today and see how we can help:

Give us a call on 0845 862 9555 or email us on

Online Learning System | UK Pricing for Organisations | LearnPac Online Learning Systems