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LearnPac Systems® have over 10 years of experience helping individuals and organisations develop and implement elearning.

Online CPD Courses

LearnPac Systems® is an accredited provider of a wide range of high-quality, interactive online courses. We provide online learning courses for various sectors including; healthcare, social care, recruitment, retail, conflict management, personal development and construction among many others. All our online courses are regularly updated to be in line with relevant UK legislation and requirements – so your online course content is always up to date and appropriate.

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Learning Management System(LMS) Provider

Our innovative learner management platform is highly interactive and easy to use. Based on Tin Can API,LearnPac® follows the new e-learning standard that is revolutionising online learning design. We are constantly improving our online learning platform to improve the learners’ experience and keep up to date with learning technology advancements. Individuals and businesses can use our online LMS to meet their learning requirements with ease. Organisations can also upload their own courses and brand their e-learning portal.

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Blended Learning Enviroment(BLE)

Blended learning is a formal education program in which a student learns at least in part through delivery of content and instruction via digital and online media with some element of student control over time, place, path, or pace.
At LearnPac® we provide a free blended learning environment (BLE) for both individuals and organisations looking for a new more efficient way of learning. With our free blended learning, you can combine both classroom training, independent study and distance learning using out easily accessible online learning portal.

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LearnPac For Business

LearnPac Systems® have over 10 years of experience supporting a wide range of small to medium size (SME) and large UK organisations across all sectors to develop and implement elearning.
We have successfully implemented e-learning in the following sectors…

  NHS Organisations   Private health and social care provider
✓ Recruitment companies ✓ Further education colleges
 Training providers ✓  Retail organisations
 Charities   Third sector organisations
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A modern learning experience designed to engage learners with the information they need to succeed—when and where they want it.

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