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Online Learning Management Features – What are the benefits?

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Online Learning Management Features – What are the benefits?

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As a business manager or supervisor, you cherish the things you have control of. Having control and flexibility is key in any business or organisation.
But, have you ever wondered what the benefits of having control over an online  learning management system can have? Probably not, so that’s why we’re writing this article!

“Control the things you can control”

Having control over your staff/learners on a learning management system doesn’t mean that they are your puppets and you can instantly force them to complete their dreaded online training course.
But, be rest assured – there are a wide range of learning management features that can assist you in tracking learners, reminding and nudging them to complete their online course and so much more

“Good management is what creates results”

Here at LearnPac we focus not only on the learner’s experience but yours too.
Our key group management features include:

Bulk email learners

With this feature, you can bulk email your learners, so they can be reminded to complete the online training courses, all with just the click of a button. Engage directly with every single learner without having to send multiple emails.

Download reports

Live reporting updates can instantly be downloaded too, meaning you can see which learners have completed the online course or how many steps have been completed. Individual learner reports can be downloaded or full group reports can be downloaded. Organisations currently on the system say this is a great feature for appraisals and showing to the compliance regulators and commissioners too.

Add/remove learners

You also have the ability to add your own learners whenever and wherever you need to. All you need is their full name and email address and then automatically sent their login details. Not only that – but you can even remove learners or group them by grade, profession etc!

Download/block certificates

From LearnPac’s responsive back end, you can download all your learner’s certificates – you can even block learners from downloading their certificates. The block feature is great for organisations such as recruitment agencies.

Upload your own documents, induction programs and policies

LearnPac’s secure online group management feature also means you can upload your own induction programs, policies and documents for learners to read – you can also be notified once learners have read the document.
These are just a few of the key group management features we have, so
If you would like a free trial on LearnPac LMS to check out our full suite of management features, then get in touch with our support team to be set up!
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“We strive to become better than we are…”

Here at LearnPac we strongly stand by the quote above and are always finding new ways to change, improve and advance the online learning management features. LearnPac is a cutting edge, innovative, accredited UK online learning management system (LMS) provider.
Our team of experienced content developers, copy writers and technical developers always carefully think, plan and implement their ideas to create a fantastic e-learning system that is constantly being updated and upgraded so you can get the best out of your online system and can give both you and your employees a learning experience they won’t forget!
For more information on elearning and LMS systems get in touch with our team today:
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Online Learning Management System | LMS | Learning Management | Online Courses| Elearning Courses